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Ok Reviews 04/08/2012
I ordered the fried dough and a pizza. Fried dough was just ok, soft and thick, no crispiness. I asked the pizza be cooked Well done and it was almost undercooked. They leave a whole 3 inches of crust, which made me feel duped. I might try them again for subs, but I won't be repeating my order. Diane, ordered 3 times
Great Reviews 12/07/2011
ABSOLUTE BEST PIZZA AROUND!!!!!! Delivery drivers always very friendly -- and the restaurant actually LISTENS when you say "no sauce" etc. Never had an incorrect order here! Joe, ordered 2 times
Great Reviews 12/01/2011
Fresh,Fresh,Fresh...The food was perfect,and make sure you order the fried dough!!! mark, ordered 5 times
Great Reviews 09/25/2011
Great Reviews 07/24/2011
I've ordered feel things from this place and I can't complain about a thing. They're fast to deliver and the food were just delicious. Samia, ordered 71 times
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- out of 5
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Yelp's Reviews 17 reviews
I ordered the other night from this place and was nervous given the rating. But I like to try things out for myself. I ordered the broccoli and chicken... read more...
Posted by Frederick N. on

I actually thought this place deserved a 4 until a couple of weeks ago. I have just been too lazy to write a review so the world was never informed of that.... read more...
Posted by Theresa J. on

Brusetta is the worst I ever had any where and The chicken.tender no much hot sauce on the chicken at all pizza was the best thing I ordered but was just... read more...
Posted by William A. on