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Ok Reviews 04/08/2012
I ordered the fried dough and a pizza. Fried dough was just ok, soft and thick, no crispiness. I asked the pizza be cooked Well done and it was almost undercooked. They leave a whole 3 inches of crust, which made me feel duped. I might try them again for subs, but I won't be repeating my order. Diane, ordered 3 times
Great Reviews 12/07/2011
ABSOLUTE BEST PIZZA AROUND!!!!!! Delivery drivers always very friendly -- and the restaurant actually LISTENS when you say "no sauce" etc. Never had an incorrect order here! Joe, ordered 2 times
Great Reviews 12/01/2011
Fresh,Fresh,Fresh...The food was perfect,and make sure you order the fried dough!!! mark, ordered 5 times
Great Reviews 09/25/2011
Great Reviews 07/24/2011
I've ordered feel things from this place and I can't complain about a thing. They're fast to deliver and the food were just delicious. Samia, ordered 71 times
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Yelp's Reviews 17 reviews
If I could give them no stars I would. Their customer service is TERRIBLE. I called in regards to my order, which was incorrect, and got a woman yelling... read more...
Posted by Kassie C. on

First of I'm very very disappointed.... this place is suppose to be Italian and they are far far from that. The pizza taste like old old cheese that was... read more...
Posted by Princessita W. on

I actually thought this place deserved a 4 until a couple of weeks ago. I have just been too lazy to write a review so the world was never informed of that.... read more...
Posted by Theresa J. on